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How you choose to see Kaidan is up to you, but that isn’t how he was presented. He was only ever presented as straight. It would have, theoretically, been possible to make him bi-available in the second game without breaking every single bit of characterization they gave us for him in ME1 in regards to romance (a simple “I realized how I felt for you after Horizon” would probably have sufficed). But they didn’t. Instead they gave it to us in a clumsy, sloppy, ham-handed, shoehorned manner that did essentially disregard his character simply so he could fit into a checkbox.

FFS. Are we really talking about presenting straight as the end-all-be-all of someone’s sexuality?

Could someone please tell Cynthia Nixon, Anna Paquin, Wanda Sykes, Portia de Rossi, Matt Bomer, Anderson Cooper, Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris and every other fucking LGBT celebrity that they’re now OOC cause they once presented as straight?

Why is bisexuality such a hard concept to grasp? If I date a man, I will present as straight but I’m still bisexual. If I date a woman and present as gay, I’ll actually still bisexual. Regardless of what sort of genitals I’d like to get up close and personal with, my personality doesn’t change, I’m still a sarcastic bitch. Each person sees what they want to see because they don’t have the whole story. Hell, I’ve worked with some people for nine years and they still have no fucking clue that I’m bisexual. I know, shocking, but it can happen. 

I’m so tired of this conversation constantly popping up. Kaidan tells you what he thinks you deserve to know. You haven’t lived in his pocket for all of his life and you don’t see every minute of his life even in game. You have no idea what he gets up to in his spare time or on his shore leave unless he decides to share with your Shepard.

When are people going to get the fact that a.) bisexuality exists for really realz (we’re not just confused, honest!) b.) that someone’s sexuality is not the most important/interesting part of their life so it isn’t actually among the first details we tell you about ourselves and c.) that you don’t actually deserve to know anyone else’s sexuality until they decide to share with you?

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    I agree — but, a lot of people are closeted and are “playing it straight”. So, even if they made Kaidan completely gay,...
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    So wait, one of mainstream media’s favorite LGBT narratives is a person living in the closet and either coming out or...
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    I have to wonder what exactly in the first game gave you the impression that Kaidan was presented as straight. There’s...
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    This motherfucking this. See also: Schrodinger sexuality.
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    someone just linked to this, but um ‘devs will say anything to cover their asses’ p much sums it up for me? (i’m not...
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    pretty gross that this was ever a debate to begin with and it might not bother me so much except that it says volumes...
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    bolded for emphasis. this is something i have been searching for a way to say for a long time. in regards to any number...
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